Cybersecurity and AI working together to make systems safe with Dr. Madiha Jafri

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity are large and complex domains each by themselves. When you combine both of them, it could be overwhelming. Dr. Madiha Jafri, Associate Fellow at Lockheed Martin for AI & Cybersecurity navigates these domains to make systems safer. In this episode. Dr. Jafri articulates how AI can help speed up cybersecurity threat detection. She also talked about her journey starting from cryptography to nanotechnology to AI. The discussed addressed challenges such as data engineering, relevance of Ops, and navigating the plethora of technologies to find that needle in a stack.

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To improve data quality, start at the source – Jacklyn Osborne

Very often, organizations focus a lot on data cleansing after the data has been captured. But any incremental effort spent on focusing on data quality at the source will reap long term benefits. In this episode, Jacklyn Osborne, Data Quality Control executive at Bank of America, talks about the importance of data education to frontline employees so they can also be stakeholders of data quality. Jacklyn talked about the role of CDO, skills necessary for CDO, and how CDO can be empowered by where they sit in an organization. With deep expertise in the financial industry, Jacklyn talked about data monetization and treating data as an asset in financial industries.

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Data Ops should be part of everyone on the Data team – Christopher Bergh

Data Ops is about working with everyone who deals with Data to deploy data related projects together. It is not just one person’s job. Christopher Bergh, CEO of Data Kitchen has embarked on Data Ops journey much earlier than the industry was asking for it. Nowadays, everybody including Gartner is talking about Ops, Data Ops, Dev Ops, ML Ops, X-ops etc. But Ops should not be a single person’s job. It should be 10% of every team member’s job to think about Operations. Just like Deming prescribed in a manufacturing process, it should be part of the system and framework.

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Combining the passions of Data and Teaching with Laura Ellis

Laura Ellis, IBM Cloud systems Architect, always wanted to be a teacher. A recognition here and an award there in Computer Science got Laura interested in computer science and later a job with IBM. Laura combined her passion for teaching with DB2 and toured the world training others in DB2. As the business intelligence started picking up in 2013, Laura completed a part time MS in Predictive analytics and switched in data science. Laura realized that the organization needed people with other skills in data engineering, data wrangling etc and adapted. Laura started Little Miss Data as a personal project to combine data science with her personal passions such as Peloton R and teaching kids about data science. Laura believes that the future trend is about data security and ethics.

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Overview of 2021 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium with Allan Tate

2021 The Big Reset – Digital Enterprises shift into High Gear. Much of the workforce has been forced into the digital space, a major shift, and leadership must adapt. The pandemic proved how vital a CIO is to an organization as they deploy technology to benefit employees and end users. More and more CIOs are becoming accountable for the digital performance of enterprises around the world.

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