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The Future of Women in AI is bright according to The Data Leader of The year, Adita Karkera

Episode Title : The Future of Women in AI is bright according to The Data Leader of The year

Episode Summary: Even though women are 47% of the workforce, less than 28% of them are in tech and even less in senior data roles. Adita Karkera, CDO advisor and the data leader of the year with WIT, explains why there is that gap. With broad experience in state government and federal governments with data management, Adita discussed the nuances of leveraging data to impact public policy. With respect to AI, Adita believes that there is a tremendous opportunity to educate the professionals as well as the general public on AI and the benefits associated with AI. Adita also talked to us about her evolution from a small city in Allahabad, India to a data leader in the US.


Topics discussed in this episode:

01:40: Adita’s role at Deloitte as CDO Advisor on Data Strategy. Fellow at AI Institute of Government. AI institute is 

04:00 (Headliner till 07:40): CDO role at Federal level vs. state level. Federal level, 79 CDOs at federal level after a statutory mandate in 2018.  Very focused on delivering the data strategy. Different states have different levels of data maturity. 25 states had identified CDO role. 

08:20: Improving AI education in the public sector. There is a lot of opportunity for AI education. Organizations are still exploring the role of AI. 

11:00: Reskilling & Upskilling the workforce for AI. First, there should be a recognition that upskilling is necessary. Also need to address the concerns and fears about AI as the very first question is about jobs. 

15:30: Importance of data prep, data governance, and data management. Need to focus on the quality of data. 

17:00: Adita’s progression into a data leader. From a small city of Allahabad, started education in Commerce and completed certifications in computer science. A certificate in Microsoft SQL DBA led to a career in data.

20:00: Career defining moment is when Adita was asked to act as a Deputy CDO in the State of Arkansas. Instead of one domain, looking at the entire state data changed her perspective.

23:00: How to address gender gap? Women represented 46% of the labor force but only 23% in data and tech. Reasons are: social/cultural influences, stereotypes well ahead of career; Lack of active mentors.

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