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Peggy Tsai

Hi, my name is Peggy Tsai! Welcome to our podcast “Data Transformers with Peggy and Ramesh” where we highlight people and stories that are making an impact on data and technology. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m passionate about both of these topics and I love seeing how they can both be used across different industries to ignite transformation.

I have spent the last 18 years working in financial services companies where I saw firsthand, how important data was to business transformation. Technology is constantly evolving but I believe that data needs to be at the heart of this change.

Prior to my current role as VP of Data Solutions at BigID, I worked in various roles in Data Governance in insurance, wealth management, corporates, financial instruments data spanning the US, Latin America and Europe. While my titles varied, I always functioned in an enterprise role and constantly looked for ways that technology can accelerate the standardization, usage and consumption of data for data management, analytics, business intelligence, and AI.

With my new adventure in podcasting, I hope to highlight and share the stories that I believe are making a difference in the transformation between today and tomorrow’s digital transformation. I hope you join me in my conversation and journey. Thank you!

Ramesh Dontha

Hi, I am Ramesh Dontha. I am an entrepreneur, author, and a podcast host.

Before I got here on my adventurous journey though, I stopped in multiple places along the way. Here is that story. I got trained as a Mechanical Engineer and an Industrial Engineer (but never worked for even a single day as either 🙂).

Started my career as a Systems Analyst, traveled in India, Europe, and the USA. After a while, I realized that my passion was elsewhere and got my MBA and worked in Marketing, Product / Project / Program Management, Business Development and Strategic Planning areas for Fortune 100 companies. As you can see, I paid my dues to the corporate world and worked in a few small and large companies in various functions.

After 20+ years in the corporate world, I decided to work on my own passion projects. The passion projects included starting a digital transformation consulting business, a healthcare SaaS business, writing books, hosting podcasts, and speaking. The connecting thread through all these projects is technology and data analytics. I love translating complex technology topics into ways that non-technology or business people can understand.

I am really excited about this new adventurous journey with Peggy Tsai and we hope to bring the most compelling stories to you through our ‘Data Transformer’ podcast. I believe that life is about having a purpose, being passionate, persevering through testing times and exploring possibilities. You can find information about my books at RameshDontha.Com and information about digital transformation consulting at DigitalTransformation.Com.

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