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Data Transformers Podcast
Using Data Analytics for human capital management and career management

Topics discussed in this episode:

01:38: Role of a chief data officer has evolved over the years. In early 2000, it was all about governance and the data world was not diverse. 

03:30: CDOs now manage data in all of its aspects, quality, operations and even data science and business intelligence.

05:50: Human capital management has also evolved where analyzing the data helps with finding the right talent at the right talent and also finding patterns and trends. Geometric Results is at the forefront of this.

07:00: GRI, owned by Bain Capital, can predict the likelihood of labor spend by analyzing the data that has been collected over the years. 

09:00: CDOs are looking at capabilities around Cloud so they can use hybrid model for faster data ingestion for example. With the explosion of unstructured data, it is more critical.

11:00 : By analyzing data, say for example job description and capabilities, we can figure out that great python developers evolve from java script developers. Similarly, we can identify that people with a specific skill are usually concentrated in a specific zip code.

14:33: We need to eliminate resumes completely and instead rely on ability to fit in an organization. Even after recruiting, ask them to put titles aside and be a problem solver.

18:50: Covid has impacted each one differently. Contingent workers were let go first. So have been working with them to place them in jobs. Also, some industries are growing very fast and they need new talent quickly. 

20:00: For GRI and for Salema, the Covid provided an opportunity for them to be a true strategic partner and not just a vendor. Helping identify the trends, help find the talent with domain expertise etc.

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Podcast website: https://DataTransformersPodcast.Com


Episode Title : Using Data Analytics for human capital management and career management

Episode Summary: Human capital management is not just about helping companies find the people with right talent at the right time. By using data analytics, companies can learn about patterns, trends, and predict labor spend. Salema Rice works as Chief Data & Analytics officer for Geometric Results Inc (GRI), one of the largest contingency talent providers, uses data extensively to be a strategic partner to the companies they work with. As a prior Chief Data Officer in many industries, Salema talked about the evolving role of a CDO over the years. It used to be just about data governance in the early 2000s. Now it is about all aspects of data even extending to data science and business intelligence. The discussion also focused on the impact of COVID pandemic on the recruiting process, placing contingency workforce, and training them.

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