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Security, Privacy, Integrity, Transparency for AI Systems - Pamela Gupta

Episode Title : Security, Privacy, Integrity, Transparency for AI Systems

Episode Summary:

As AI and its subset Machine Learning systems continue to increase in breadth and depth around us from systems being used in courts around the country to assist in determining length of incarceration to connected systems to home based devices such as Alexa, Siri and Google home – one glaring gap and risk is that of security in the development of these systems. Traditional security SDLC is not going to be sufficient to identify security, privacy vulnerabilities in these systems. 

Artificial Intelligence systems require a different approach that includes the traditional security methods such as access control etc but more, a lot more – I am proposing a model that aims to build 4 critical components as a part of the build process. Security, Privacy, Integrity and Transparency so we can ensure we have secure, resilient systems with outcomes that we can trust.

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