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Iceberg strategy for Chief Digital/Data Officers

Episode Title : Iceberg strategy for Chief Digital/Data Officers

Episode Summary:

Nowadays, there are a lot of expectations of Chief Data Officers for both short term and long term. One way to manage the expectations is to have a two-track strategy. CDOs need to have a list of items that are of value to business stakeholders in the short term and also have a long term roadmap. Krishna Cheriath, CDO of Zoetis, the largest animal health company in the world, has been experimenting with Iceberg strategy with great results.  Krishna is an advocate of every employee being a digital citizen with a certain expectations of them and also with a need to be more aware. 

Topics discussed in this episode:

1:16: Krishna Cheriath is the Data and Analytics leader at Zoetis, world’s largest animal health company. Through Data and Analytics, there is a unique opportunity to optimize R &D, optimize sales, operations, manufacturing and supply chain.

4:52 (Headliner): Nowadays, there are a lot of expectations coming in as CDO. There should be a two-track strategy for CDOs. one is to practice established credible partnerships and with business leaders across different areas and find where you can demonstrate value fast. Simultaneously, lay out a pragmatic roadmap, evolve the data and digital fabric in a better direction. 

7:04 (Headliner): Data and Analytics don’t progress in a company without a coalition developing around it. Needs to be proficient leading from the front and leading from the behind.

9:50 (Headliner): Iceberg strategy. Focused on the things that are above the waterline for all of those stakeholders or in business areas. How can data analytics optimize drug, drug development etc.

11:30 (Headliner): Every employee is a digital citizen. So there are certain expectations of every employee and a certain awareness that each should have. Every employee should be cyber-aware.

15:58: Need to recognize digital means different things to different people. A sales person looks at digital differently than a recent employee. 

17:54: Example of accomplishing rapid results is having a data lab. Started with a few data initiatives and ended the year with 440.

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