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Data Diva talks data privacy - Conversation with Debbie Reynolds

Episode Title : The Data Diva talks about Data Privacy – Debbie Reynolds

Episode Summary:

Data privacy has come up on the trending topics recently because of Whatsapp policy changes by Facebook and news about Clubhouse app’s request for contacts list on the device. Debbie Reynolds explained the intricacies of data privacy, consent, and convenience. Debbie’s contention is that privacy can be used as a business advantage to acquire more customers. Debbie also talked about privacy risk index that she has come up with in association with Privacy & Cookies based in London. This episode ended with Debbie’s anecdotal story about her nick name Data Diva.


Topics discussed in this episode:

1:56: Privacy Risk index is a way to measure a website’s risk index based on how they manage the cookies. Debbie partnered with the privacy and cookies team of Lawrence and Robert to put together this index for Fortune 1000 companies.

05:01: Privacy is the right of an individual to be able to to control their information in some way. Debbie works with organizations to use privacy for business advantage.

05:41 (Headliner):  Facebook changed Whatsapp privacy terms and that caused lots of confusion. That also illuminated the fact that people are more aware of privacy. Customers will make choices going forward about privacy.

07:45 : People are not even aware that phone apps will be tracking even when they are not using the apps. Apple, starting with iOS14, is giving more options for users not to be tracked.

10:23 (Headliner): Privacy versus convenience. Companies make it convenient to make things less private with things like 80 page contract. Instead, it should be as convenient to keep things private as well.

12:55 (HEADLINER): Companies like Clubhouse give the app freely and in return ask for access to all the contacts for example. There are other apps where they download contacts without even asking.

16:47 (Headliner): Consent has some limits. The way clubhouse does is get contact list so they enable you to send invites. 

19:32: The origins of Data Diva, the nick name. Debbie gave herself the nickname Data Diva at a networking event. Even though she was bashful at first, Debbie saw very positive reaction to it.

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