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Data Transformers Podcast
Cybersecurity and AI working together to make systems safe with Dr. Madiha Jafri

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Cybersecurity and AI working together to make systems safe with Dr. Madiha Jafri

Episode Summary:

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity are large and complex domains each by themselves. When you combine both of them, it could be overwhelming. Dr. Madiha Jafri, Associate Fellow at Lockheed Martin for AI & Cybersecurity navigates these domains to make systems safer. In this episode. Dr. Jafri articulates how AI can help speed up cybersecurity threat detection. She also talked about her journey starting from cryptography to nanotechnology to AI. The discussed addressed challenges such as data engineering, relevance of Ops, and navigating the plethora of technologies to find that needle in a stack. 

Topics discussed in this episode:

02:00: Madiha role at Lockheed Martin as an Associate Fellow. 14 years at Lockheed Martin. Started in cybersecurity and worked in it for 10 years.Lockheed is the largest defense contractor in the US.

04:42 (Headliner till 6:25): What role does AI play in cybersecurity? Madiha’s starting focus was cryptography. AI as a tool is good at making things faster. AI can speed up detection of threats. 

06:30 (Headliner till 09:30)): Cybersecurity and AI work together. Some hurdles are data engineering.. Second hurdle is the availability of technologies. Finding out which is real and efficient is a challenge. 

11:00: Data literacy and data culture. They are both extremely important in any organization but each organization is different.

14:00:  Madiha’s passion is engineering and design. Her role recently requires strategy work. Strategy of how to get the required data and get it into the hands of people who need it in a secure way.

18:00: Role of Ops in AI in cybersecurity. Data Ops, MLOps. Madiha’s take is that we tend to overcomplicate things. Nothing unique about MLOps and Ops in general. These Ops need to happen.

21:00: Madiha career combining cryptography and nanotechnology. Original role involved cryptography. Another project came up in the nanotechnology space. Able to work together in many areas.

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