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Can Video Artificial Intelligence help with use cases like Elderly care and Child care?

Episode Title: Can Video Artificial Intelligence help with use cases like Elderly care and Child care?

Episode Summary:

Video AI is evolving and evolving rapidly in many segments such as healthcare for diagnostic purposes, MarTech for analyzing videos for brand recognition and Ad placement for example. Video AI usage in elderly care and child care are ripe for huge benefits as they require significant human participation. Video AI can address both costs as well as skill shortage in those areas. Personalization and analyzing consumer behavior are segments evolving for video AI usage. Still barriers exist in compute performance for modelling 3D world, real-time computing and inferencing, and barriers in power consumption especially in edge AI where there is limited power. While dealing with AI ethics, it is very important to separate privacy related issues from bias related issues. Bias is inherently in human beings and not in technology. So technology should be used to de-bias decisions.

Topics discussed in this episode:

00:43: Motivation behind jumping from one role to another for example moving to Tivo

02:31: Progression of role of data over the years. The scale and sophistication has increased. 

04:32: Focus on customer value delivered in innovation. Amazon is the extreme example of delivering customer value

08:30: Role of video in healthcare specifically in diagnostic applications; Excellent in tightly constrained applications

11:20: Computer vision in martech is evolving. Examples detecting brands in video or objects in videos for ad placement

12:15: Personalization and customer sentiment analysis are evolving subjects

14:12: Barriers to rapid advancements. Ex: computing performance for 3D world models.

15:02: Real time computing and inference is also a barrier. Power consumption on the edge is also an issue to be resolved.

17:39: Ethics in AI and privacy. 2 very hot topics. Customers have gotten used to security cameras but not for behavioral analysis

19:00: Bias is a totally different issue. Technology by itself is not biased but people implementing technology are biased.

21:00: Elderly care and child care are very human intensive tasks. But technology like Video AI can be very helpful in helping manage that.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

AV8.Ai Community 

Call to action: If you are interested in Video AI, Join AV8.AI

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