Data Transformers Podcast
Data Transformers Podcast
Building a 24 hour Data Science Community with Danielle Oberdier of Dikayo Data

Episode Title : Building a 24 hour data science community with Danielle Oberdier of Dikayo Data

Episode Summary: Data science community should be a representative community. Danielle has been facilitating that with Dikayo data, twitter communities, and Data Femme podcast.


Topics discussed in this episode:

02:00 Started Data Science community for data science professionals, collection of data science podcasts, and twitter community

04:00 DataFemme podcast with different season themes for data science professionals. Second season was focused on diversity in the data science community. Podcast gives exposure to marginalised sections of the society.

08:00: Discussion about women in data science. Danielle believes that there are an adequate number of women in data science but questions remain on the exposure/recognition for women. 

12:00: Discussion about elevating voices. One of the ways to encourage minority representation is to actually reach out directly instead of just posting on LinkedIn for example. 

15:30 Diversity of thought is also very important

24:00 Need to genuinely connect with folks. Being genuine is very important.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Podcast website: https://DataTransformersPodcast.Com

Data Transformers Podcast

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